DTC – 6 Coin Sorter Machine

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Product Overview:


  •    Proven sensor technology with extreme accuracy.
  •    Through active sorting you can separate a second currency or two denominations has similar diameters second by solenoid detector for optimal               sorting as optional.
  •    Heavy duty solution
  •    Active Sorting


Specification Overview:


  •    DTC’s coin machines are Equipped to count and sort Saudi Arabia coins (new and old issue)
  •    Speed: Up to 600 coins/minute
  •    Counts and sorts New and old coins based on number of drawers.
  •    Thickness of coins: 1.0 mm to 3.5 mm
  •    Diameter of coins: 14.0 mm to 35.0 mm
  •    Depth x Height x Width: 285 x 444 x 508 (DTC6) mm.
  •    Weight:DTC6 (22 Kg)



  • DTC 6 will count and sort the new issue of coins separately in specified drawers as well except (1,5and10 Halala) will be collected as mixed to specified drawer, meanwhile the old issue of coins will be collecting as mixed to specified drawer as total value amount, and foreign and fake coins will be passing to rejected drawer.